Winter has made its way, and while the frost settles and the air chills, drivers in the St. Charles, St. Louis, and O'Fallon area need to prep for the worst of it. Getting your vehicle ready for winter is an important step all drivers must take to ensure that their car performs well even on the icy roads. To help you prepare for winter driving, we've assembled a list of tips for you to get your vehicle ready for the cold. Here's the top tips for winter car care.


Your tires are directly affected by the frigid temperatures that winter brings. The cold can actually lower the amount of pressure in your tires. Tires with the proper PSI can help you maneuver snow-covered roads with ease, and combined with all-wheel drive, winter driving couldn't be more secure. You may want to look into getting winter tires to boost your handling and agility during this season.


The brisk temperatures of winter also have an effect on your battery. It's recommended that you check the voltage of your battery as winter starts. If it's not as powerful as it should be, you should think about getting a new battery so your vehicle will run smoothly and efficiently.


Since the days in winter are short, it gets dark early. It's important to consider your night-time driving during the winter. Be sure that your headlights and high beams are up to snuff, and that they provide enough light for you to easily see the road when you're driving during nighttime.


Coolant is also known as anti-freeze, and it's vital to your car during the winter months. You need to check the coolant levels before the winter really sets in, to ensure that your engine can perform without freezing. You'll also want to check the system for leaks, and repair them if necessary.

Washer Fluid

Having full washer fluid is a must when it comes to winter driving. During a snow storm, flakes will pile up on your windshield, and you'll naturally turn on your wiper for a better view. Over time, your wipers can get frozen, so washer fluid is a requirement. It prevents ice and snow from sticking to your wipers. It also allows them to work flawlessly without getting stuck due to ice build-up.

Climate Control System

Making sure that your vehicle's climate control system is up to specifications is an important step to take when prepping your car for winter. Be sure that the heater is sufficient enough to keep you warm while out on the snowy roads. You'll also want to be sure that your defrosters are working-they'll help you clear your windshield of any unwanted ice build-up or frost.

Safety Kit

It's always good to be prepared. Even if you've checked everything on this list, you'll need to have a backup plan. Be sure to include a flashlight, a first aid kit, a phone charger, and a cutting tool. It's also good to have a blanket, water, and some food in your safety kit as well.

Now that you know about how to prep your vehicle for winter, you'll be ready to tackle the snowy roads around the St. Charles, St. Louis, and O'Fallon area. One of the best ways to prep your vehicle is through standard maintenance. Have your vehicle checked at our facilities at St. Charles Hyundai-we'll make sure that your vehicle is ready for winter.

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